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After hours \ Emergency Service

Top 10 things to Check Before You Call: 

1. Check the circuit breakers (or fuses) to the heat pump, air handler or furnace.

2. Check the thermostat settings.

     a. Is it set for heat / cool / auto?

     b. Is the fan set to auto / run?

     c. Is the room temperature lower / higher than the setting?

3. Check or clean the air filters.

4. Is the outdoor unit running?

5. Is air coming out of the vents?

6. Can you hear any unusual noises coming from your system?

7. For Gas Furnaces - How much gas is in your tank?

Woodard Electric Service, Inc. is proud to announce we now have 24 hour emergency service.  We have a dedicated Emergency Service telephone number.  Please note that after hour service calls are not covered by your warranty.

Please fill out the after hours request form or give us a call.  We will schedule your service and call you back.