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Woodard Electric Service built a new shop at Creekside Plaza next to the BRM EMC sub-station on NC Highway 69. In 1987 they moved into their new location. This new building had a large showroom, sheet metal shop, and warehouse.

About Us

Kenneth and Mildred Woodard opened Woodard Electric Service in a little building near the high bridge on the old Hiawassee-Hayesville Road in Shooting Creek.  Kenneth did the electrical work and Mildred kept the books and minded the store. During the 1950's and 1960's, They added electric washers, dryer, and ranges, as well as baseboard heater. By the 1960's they did electrical, plumbing and appliance sales. In the 1970's well drilling and repairs were added, In 1976 Woodard Electric Service sold their first air conditioner. In 1986 Kenneth and Mildred retired and Warren took over the business.

In 2009 Woodard Electric Service built a larger building across the street behind Rib Country and they celebrated this with an open house and CAKE.  This location is the current office and warehouse.